You’re Mine {freebie}

Hello ladies! Lately I have done a few things here, believe my life is full of new activities and am having little time to create new products.

But to make up for my absence I prepared a lovely freebie for you (but enjoy it is for a limited time)

Share with your friends and have fun.

bcd_YouDOWNLOAD (Limited Time)


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Why Boutique Cute Doll?


Hi, Everyone!

Lisa-Lisa from The Cherry On Top bringing you today’s blog.  It is full of fun and inspiration beyond your wildest dreams.

So, why choose Boutique Cute Doll?  The list is long, but lets look  realistically from a mega creative point of view.

To prioritise these advantages is completely left to each individual, but let’s get started.  When you scroll through the images I chose for today’s post, you will see a diverse mix of color, very different styles of scrapbooking, serious versatility as well as flexibility.  How on earth does she do that?!

Perhaps you may have noticed the only slight, touch of a theme in each kit?  This is what provides the most use for a kit.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly plan on using the kits I purchase for more than just one page.  I want bang for my buck.  Boutique Cute Doll kit’s gives you that.  I invite you to scroll through these beautiful images of some personal picks to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Will start out with some gorgeous layout inspiration from the creative team. I chose a few differing types to show you that no matter what level scrapper you are, BCD is a great designer for you.






Next, let’s check out the amazing hybrids you can make with the gorgeous goodies from BCD.


Blog post



2013-12-14 09.39.55-1

These were just a few selections of the hybrid projects from BCD and the gang.  Keep looking back at even more really awesome hybrid projects by going through previous blogs.

Something I really love about BCD is how  perfectly possible it is to mix and match kits to come up with super cool hybrids and layouts.  Here are a few I’ve made.



Finally, something everyone really seems to love are the freebies!  Who wouldn’t?!  Boutique Cute Doll is way cool about the amount of freebies we put on the blog, don’cha think?  Go back and take a stroll through the blog and see how many freebies are available for you.  I’ll post a few for you here.  Make sure you come back often and grab them because they don’t stick around forever.  I’ve also seen a couple of really great tutorials for hybrid projects, which are always FREE!




Awesome, right?!  You’ve made an excellent decision by coming to the BCD blog.  Now, make sure ya do it again!







Recipe Card and Treat Topper Freebie


I love trying new things.  Especially a tasty treat. So when I tried this candied popcorn at a party, I was hooked from the very first bite!  Once I was able to get a copy of the recipe and try it out I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make.  This is so easy and yummy that I think you will agree.

I designed  two recipe cards with Heritage Collector Storybook to share with for you.  Compliments of Boutique Cute Dolls. You can print these out as a 4 x 6 and add it to your recipe stash.    Just click on the image, save and print.

 When I made my last batch of  candied popcorn.  I added a little bit of yellow food coloring to make mine a bit brighter.  I have also heard that adding your favorite unflavored package of kool-aid to the recipe can give you a ton of flavors and colors to try!

 I decided to make a coordinating topper that I could use to package my popcorn that paired with the recipe card.  I love sharing with others.  If they like this as much as I did you will already have a recipe printed to give away with your treat.  The dimensions are 5 x 10 printed.

 The recipe and topper were both created with Blissful Day. This new kit is just full of springtime color.  You definitely want to add this to your scrap booking collection!

 Enjoy! ~Terresa


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