DIY Spring Decor and Tablerunner

Pedestal Birdhouses

These were so much fun to make. I love filling my flower box centerpiece with fun spring decor!  What inspired it all was my no sew table runner I made last week.
After I finished making the runner I decided that I still needed something to complete my project.
My sister told me about these unfinished birdhouses at Walmart that were very reasonably priced.  I have also seen them at some local craft stores.  I picked up these three and one more not pictured I will add it later.  My sister is super creative and you can check out her blog for some amazing ideas!
So while at the store I found some paint to match the decor of the runner.  The pedestals were purchased from the wood connection and painted cream to match my flower box.  These would also be darling with some scrapbook paper.  I can think of many ways to dress up these little birdhouses.  I couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out.  My kitchen table looks like spring has arrived!  In keeping with a spring theme I also added this fun little birds nest in mini cake dome.
This is how my runner looked before the pedestal birdhouses.
Would you like to learn how to make your own table runner without any sewing?  I am going to show you how.
I recently found this gorgeous cotton duck fabric.  I couldn’t wait to come home and make a runner for my table. I literally had this completed in under 15 minutes without any sewing!
You can find the fabric I used at Hobby Lobby or I pinned the link under my sewing board on Pinterest. To make one the first thing that you need to do is figure out the length and width you want your runner to be. Then add an inch and a half to the edges all the way around.  You can choose to fold the ends over twice if you wish to hide your raw edge.  I didn’t want the extra bulk so I skipped that step.  No one but me will see the underside anyway! My finished runner dimensions ended up being 14 x 88 inches.  Now that your fabric is cut to your specifications iron your edges.  Once you have the fabric pressed make your corners!  I loved finding this little tip to make a clean corner look really great!
Now that you have ironed your edges and folded your corners pull back the ironed edge. Open it back up and run a thin line of fabric glue along the ironed line and then pull your edge back over to cover.  Gently smooth the edges down and let it dry.The amazing thing about this runner is that I used my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and with the cost of the glue this project only cost me $15 total and I made three table runners to share at $5 each!

Happy Spring! Don’t forget to check out all the lovely Spring kits BCD Dolls has in the shop now on sale for 50% off!

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You’re Mine {freebie}

Hello ladies! Lately I have done a few things here, believe my life is full of new activities and am having little time to create new products.

But to make up for my absence I prepared a lovely freebie for you (but enjoy it is for a limited time)

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Why Boutique Cute Doll?


Hi, Everyone!

Lisa-Lisa from The Cherry On Top bringing you today’s blog.  It is full of fun and inspiration beyond your wildest dreams.

So, why choose Boutique Cute Doll?  The list is long, but lets look  realistically from a mega creative point of view.

To prioritise these advantages is completely left to each individual, but let’s get started.  When you scroll through the images I chose for today’s post, you will see a diverse mix of color, very different styles of scrapbooking, serious versatility as well as flexibility.  How on earth does she do that?!

Perhaps you may have noticed the only slight, touch of a theme in each kit?  This is what provides the most use for a kit.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly plan on using the kits I purchase for more than just one page.  I want bang for my buck.  Boutique Cute Doll kit’s gives you that.  I invite you to scroll through these beautiful images of some personal picks to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Will start out with some gorgeous layout inspiration from the creative team. I chose a few differing types to show you that no matter what level scrapper you are, BCD is a great designer for you.






Next, let’s check out the amazing hybrids you can make with the gorgeous goodies from BCD.


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2013-12-14 09.39.55-1

These were just a few selections of the hybrid projects from BCD and the gang.  Keep looking back at even more really awesome hybrid projects by going through previous blogs.

Something I really love about BCD is how  perfectly possible it is to mix and match kits to come up with super cool hybrids and layouts.  Here are a few I’ve made.



Finally, something everyone really seems to love are the freebies!  Who wouldn’t?!  Boutique Cute Doll is way cool about the amount of freebies we put on the blog, don’cha think?  Go back and take a stroll through the blog and see how many freebies are available for you.  I’ll post a few for you here.  Make sure you come back often and grab them because they don’t stick around forever.  I’ve also seen a couple of really great tutorials for hybrid projects, which are always FREE!




Awesome, right?!  You’ve made an excellent decision by coming to the BCD blog.  Now, make sure ya do it again!