Our journey began in the world of manufacturing figures and statues, where we realized the potential to breathe life into these static creations, transforming them from non-poseable to poseable embodiments of joy and imagination. The idea of bringing characters to life resonated deeply with us, and thus began our quest to make this vision a reality.

From the outset, we meticulously considered every aspect of our endeavor, pondering which characters to bring to life, what materials to utilize, and what sizes and features would best capture the essence of each character. We delved into the intricacies of design, exploring ways to enhance flexibility, ensure impeccable hair styling, and master the art of body and facial makeup to achieve unparalleled quality and realism.

Our journey commenced in 2023, fueled by passion and dedication, but it wasn’t until May of 2024 that our first product emerged—a testament to the time and care invested in its creation. We firmly believe that every good product takes time to reach its full potential, and our journey exemplifies the patience and perseverance required to achieve excellence.

As we move forward, we are excited to continue bringing more and more characters to life with our creations. We hope you’ll stay with us on this journey and become our fans. Whether you are a passionate supporter or a critical voice, we respect and value your input.

Your feedback drives us to improve and create even better products. Thank you for pushing us forward and helping us grow.



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“Pursue beauty. Pursue quality. Pursue joy”

We are committed to crafting exquisite figures that captivate the eye, elevate the senses, and inspire the imagination. With meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising standards, we ensure that each figure embodies the essence of beauty and excellence. Our relentless pursuit of joy infuses every aspect of our work, from design and production to customer experience. By pushing the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship, we aim to bring a sense of wonder and delight to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Together, we aspire to create a world where beauty, quality, and joy converge seamlessly in every poseable silicone figure we create.

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