A0101 Yae Miko


Character Yae Miko

Type  Silicone Doll Posable Figure

Product Size

Height (with head) 76cm
Weight 5.0kg
Shoulder Width: 17cm
Full Bust 37cm
Under Bust: 26cm
Waist 24.5cm
Hips 41.5cm
Sleeve length 30cm
Hand length 2cm
Front bodice 29cm
Waist to floor 37cm
Thigh length 16cm
Calf length 22cm
Thigh Circum 23cm
Calf Circum: 14.5cm
Foot Length: 10cm
Vaginal Depth: 10cm

Box Size

Height: 41 cm
Width: 74 cm
Depth: 24 cm

Shipping Weight  12kg

* Size and weight are approx.


Default: One (1) doll body
Default: One (1) doll head
Default: One (1) manual
Default: One (1) lingerie
Optional: One (1) costume
Optional: One (1) wig



We regret that we cannot display nude videos or demonstrate the softness of the doll on our website. For more detailed information, including videos showcasing these aspects, please email us directly or contact our authorized reseller. We’re here to assist you further and provide the information you need.

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